Completed Projects

  • Kaokoland Donation
  • Incubator Donation
  • Cycling Gear Donation
  • Donation to Mrs Schneider

BVIF was given a generous donation from HiHFA in response to a request from the Himba nomadic communities in Kaokoland, to assist with shelter, blankets and clothing. BVIF also received local donations in the form of additional clothes, shoes, toys, blankets, toiletries and food, as well as, the funds that allowed the BVIF team to make the trip to Kaokoland, 750 kilometers from Windhoek, in the North-Western part of Namibia.

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In partnership with HiHFA, Model Prayer Ministries and ErongoMed, the BVIF team has been able to facilitate the following:

  • Donation of two incubators and a digital baby scale for Outapi District Hospital in the North of Namibia, a project introduced by Model Prayer Ministries:
    • BVIF took charge of all administrative arrangements
    • Hand in Hand For Africa e.V. (HiHFA) funded the acquisition of the incubators, and; 
    • Erongomed donated the digital baby scale. Erongomed also provided for the transportation, installation and maintenance of the donated items for their foreseeable lifespan.

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Donation of cycling gear to WINDHOEK-ON-BIKE Programme

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Donations to Ms. Maria Schneider, 75 year-old cancer patient, Windhoek resident, caring for more than 18 children

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Current Projects Donate

  • Donation of Charitable Goods (ongoing core activity)
  • Assistance to Ms Tjiningire Veisiruavi and Ms D’Almeida Shilongo, two Himba girls being sponsored by the BVIF, currently in grade 10 & 12 at Concordia College respectively.
  • Assistance to Ms N. Hamukoto
  • New Kindergarden for Himba Kids in Otjisokotjongava


Future Projects Donate

  • Gender-Based Violence Project
  • Pre-School Establishment Project
  • Upliftment of Otjisokotjongava Community Project
  • Preferential adminission partnership with UNAM Medical School for 5 underprivileged Himba students
  • Otjisokotjongava Soccer Project
  • Opuwo Bicycle Programme






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