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  • Donation of Goods



    BVIF accepts donations from physical or legal persons, for charitable purposes. Donations are received in various forms, these include new or used goods e.g. clothing, toys, food, vehicles and any other basic commodities. 

    Recent Activity: BVIF was given a generous donation from HiHFA in response to a request from the Himba nomadic communities in Kaokoland, to assist with shelter, blankets and clothing. BVIF also received local donations in the form of additional clothes, shoes, toys, blankets, toiletries and food, as well as, the funds that allowed the BVIF team to make the trip to Kaokoland, 750 kilometers from Windhoek, in the North-Western part of Namibia.

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  • Distribution Of Goods


    Distribution Of Goods

    Goods received by BVIF are distributed all over Namibia. We focus on communities in which severe needs have been identified. BVIF is available to coordinate with interested local or international parties for the distribution of donated goods to vulnerable communities within Namibia.

    Recent Activity: Our current focus is the assistance of the nomadic and marginalized Himba tribe. The BVIF team was able to distribute various goods, such as containers for milk and water storage purposes.

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  • Coordination Of Professional Skills


    Coordination Of

    Professional Skills

    BVIF coordinates the donation of specialized services from both local and international individuals or institutions to the benefit of an identified cause. These donations are however limited to professional services or the procurement of highly specialized equipment. These include but are not limited to:

    • Educational Sponsorships
    • Facility equipment upgrades
    • Hospital and Clinical upgrades
    • Specialized medical care needs
    • Training programmes of local professionals on new innovations and procedures


    Donations are given without return consideration. 


    Recent Activity: In partnership with HiHFA, the BVIF team has been able to facilitate the following:

    • Travel, logistical and medical arrangements for Ms. Namutenya Hamukoto, a Namibian child, who is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery in Leipzig, Germany. 
    • Donation of two incubators and a digital baby scale for Outapi District Hospital in the North of Namibia, a project introduced by Model Prayer Ministries:
    • BVIF took charge of all administrative arrangements
    • Hand in Hand For Africa e.V. (HiHFA) funded the acquisition of the incubators, and; 
    • Erongomed donated the digital baby scale. Erongomed also provided for the transportation, installation and maintenance of the donated items for their foreseeable lifespan.
    • Assistance on Visas arrangements for HiHFA technical and personnel volunteers coming to Namibia.

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  • Namibian Literature Award



    For Africa

    The Hand-in-Hand for Africa is the third activity of BVIF. It was established in 2015 in Namibia, following the unique partnership formed between Hand-in-Hand for Africa e.V. (HiHFA) and the Bonny Vainö Idhenga Foundation (BVIF).

    Literature Award

    The idea of establishing an Award for literature and academic work stems from the fact that the Apartheid system, which existed prior to independence, created a situation where the oppressed indigenous people had little to no education.  This resulted in a general lack of appetite for the creation and enjoyment of literature, a factor that has continued to hamper the development of Namibia.

    HiHFA & BVIF believe that encouraging authors and giving the public access to their literature will stimulate reading culture. This will also assist in the alleviation of poverty, as it is proven that reading and writing contribute to education and therefore to development. BVIF focuses on recognizing and rewarding people who are engaged in scripting Namibian literature and thus they are recognized as bringing positive changes to the future of Namibia.

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