The coordination of specific skills of professionals or institutions to provide services to the needy in Namibia

BVIF coordinates the donation of specialized services from both local and international individuals or institutions to the benefit of an identified cause. These donations are however limited to professional services or the procurement of highly specialized equipment. These include but are not limited to:

  • Educational Assistance
  • Medical facilities, equipment and care
  • Hospital and Clinical upgrades
  • Specialized medical care needs
  • Training programmes of local professionals on new innovations and procedures
  • Community Services

Donations are given without return consideration

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  Contact Windhoek 
  Windhoek, Namibia 
  PO Box 2637, Windhoek, Namibia
    +264 (0)61 248 777
  +264 (0)81 124 8827



Contact Bonn
Dr. Katri Elina Clemens  
 Bonn, Germany
    Villenstr. 8, 53127 Bonn
    +49 (0)228 530 6301


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